MPS: Managed Printer Supplies

Whether you are a single location with 5 devices or have 200+ devices located throughout the US, we can customize a support program that best meets your needs.   With Inland's Automatic Toner Replenishment System (A.T.R.S.), we take the guess-work, frustration, and extra costs out of supplying your office printers.
This convenient program consists of Data CollectionSupply Management, and Labels:   Data Collection Service (DCS)
Service Overview:
The Data Collection Service (DCS) includes setup, installation support, and direct access to the website. Your company will be able to add any networked printers at any site location for up-to-date supply information.
Featured Benefits:
Flexible, Simple Access. You can receive basic information and reports, as well as highly detailed and technical information on all your company's networked printers.
  Supply Management System (SMS)
Service Overview:
The Supply Management System (SMS) automatically notifies Inland when consumables are needed and initiates the ordering and fulfillment process. The SMS system bases ordering on usage patterns, not ink or toner level, so you get the right supply for the right device, right on time.
Featured Benefits:
Absolute Order Accuracy. Auto-ordering by your devices eliminates mistakes. No more expense for returns. Supplies When They're Needed. SMS virtually eliminates rush and overnight orders and costly "emergency onsite stock".
  Supply Routing Labels
Service Overview:
Once SMS initiates the order, a unique Routing Label is created to designate which exact device the supply is needed for.  The end user can add a location description (i.e. "Accounting Dept") or user name (i.e. "Joe Smith") to make sure the internal departments know where to send the supplies.
Featured Benefits:
Supplies are marked for the appropriate device, which eliminates confusion and also allows you to track usage patterns for each of your devices.
    For more information, please contact us and a helpful representative will assist you. Ph. 800-888-7800          Printer-Friendly PDF  

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