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Standard Electronic Signature Pads:


SignatureGem 1×5 SignatureGem 4×5
ClipGem Pads DeskGem 1×5
SigLite 1×5 SigLite SL 1×5 SigLite BT 1×5



LCD Electronic Signature Pads:


SignatureGem LCD 1×5 SigLite LCD 1×5 KioskGem LCD 1×5
LinkSign LCD 1×5 SignatureGem LCD 4×3 SigLite LCD 4×3
SignatureGem LCD 4×5 SigGem Color 5.7 SigLite Color 4.3



Biometric ID Electronic Signature Pads:


IDGem LCD 1×5 IDLite 1×5 IDLite LCD 1×5



Electronic Signature Pads with MSR:


SignatureGem LCD 4×3 MSR SigLite LCD 4×3 MSR
SignatureGem LCD 4×5 MSR SigGem Color 5.7 MSR



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